Wondering how to get more customers but don't know how? The impact of your posts has significantly decreased and your campaigns have only burned through your money?

Change the game for your business with a powerful, tested and automated social lead generation system.

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What can I do for you?

Social network analysis

I'll show you opportunities for improvement, as well as tips for raising your business's profile with your audience.

Study of the ideal client

I'll use your current clients' general patterns and thought triggers that will allow me to better connect with them.

Sales system

But what is it? It's a strategy designed around the needs of your business with one goal in mind: SALES.

Landing pages

This is one of the most important parts of sales systems. It reflects your business's greatest strengths by using persuasive copy to create the desired impact.

Facebook ads

I will create banners and a message to get YOUR customer's attention.

Monitoring and optimization

And that's not all... I'll be monitoring the campaigns on a daily basis to make the necessary changes for optimal results.

The best way to find out about a service is from those who have used it.

¨I would just say WAW!!!¨

I was a little sceptic in the beginning when Silvia offered me her services because that was new type of advertisement to me, but now after I saw the results I stopped everything else and I will keep working with her! Thank you Silvia one more time that because of you I did not close my business during this pandemic! Keep doing a great job!
Dimitar Penev
CEO, Dijen Wellness Studio.

Let's get acquainted

My name is Sylvia Ivanova expert in digital marketing and applying social media strategies to generate new leads.

Thanks to the sales system, I have been able to help dozens of clients in Spain, Bulgaria, England and the USA generate more leads and sales to help their business go to the next level.

The strategy I'm showing you is the result of years of training from digital marketing gurus in Spain and the USA. As well as the knowledge gained with clients investing in Facebook and Instagram advertising to generate a steady stream of new customers.

My mission is to use digital traffic to help you show the real value of your business. And as it grows, to help you fulfill the dreams that got you started in the first place.